About Us

Have you ever found it difficult to find those toys and play solutions that genuinely keep your little one occupied? Trying to work or manage a home and keep your child entertained can all too often seem like conflicting goals, and as specialist toy manufacturers, this is something we surely understand better than most.

With this thought in mind, we’ve worked tirelessly to connect as many customers with the quality play equipment and solutions they deserve – helping your little one grow as a person while keeping them out of your hair for a while as well!

Quality Toy Solutions for Every Child

Every child deserves the chance to enjoy fun, premium-quality toys. But, in all too many cases, modern toys fall into one of two categories; they’re either cheap and fall apart at the slightest touch, or they’re made to an exceptionally high standard but cost the earth to buy. But why should it have to be this way?

Luckily, we knew we could offer a different, valuable solution instead. Indeed, our company is based in Turkey, and this allows us to create the highest-quality toys and soft play areas, but without compromising the price of our toys. Top-quality for the best, most affordable price is what we deliver – and we never let this goal slip for any of the toys in our collection.

Global Solutions to Make Your Little One Smile

Here at IQ Park, we’re immensely proud to offer some of the most incredible play experiences for all of our customers – no matter where in the world they might live. Our innovative play solutions are designed to offer the best possible solutions without compromise. And, with well over a decade of experience in the industry, creating quality toys and playgrounds at our parent company, we know what it is that makes little ones happy. So, if you've been feeling at a loss for where to look, why choose any team but our own; we’d be immensely proud to help out!

Discover Our Unique Collection of Premium Toys and Soft Play Areas

Here at IQ Park, we’ve always held an unwavering passion for helping as many families as possible find the quality toys and solutions they deserve. After all, we know how hard it can be to try and keep your little ones out of trouble, no matter what age they might be; our determination stems from our desire to help in this regard.

So, why not make things a little bit easier, instead; reach out to our team today to discover our toys and find that one solution that’s perfect for you!