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Rainbow Stairs Soft Play Equipment for Young Children

Rainbow Stairs Soft Play Equipment for Young Children

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Custom-Made Products: Add Color to Your Life with Unique Designs

Our custom-made products stand out with features suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to their easy-to-clean, waterproof seamless design, they offer long-lasting usage. Our products, highlighted by their hygienic properties, adapt to all weather conditions with their sun-resistant structure. The flexible and soft touch enhances user comfort. With our special designs, we offer you the opportunity to bring a different perspective to your life and turn your dreams into reality.


  • Dimensions: 1650(L) mm x 850(W) mm x 800(H) mm

Easy-to-Clean and Waterproof Designs

One of the most striking features of our custom-made products is their ease of cleaning. Thanks to their resistant surfaces against wear and stains, our products remain like new for a long time. Moreover, their waterproof seamless design allows them to be used safely indoors and outdoors. This feature supports the durability and longevity of our products.

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Hygienic and Healthy Usage Experience

The hygienic features of our products are of great importance, especially when used indoors. Their hygienic structure prevents the spread of microbes and bacteria on the product surface. As a result, families, children, and other users enjoy a healthy usage experience. Our products create a safe play area for children and a hygienic living space for adults.

Sun-Resistant and Flexible Structure

Our custom-made products are resistant to the harmful effects of the sun. With their resistance to UV rays, colors do not fade, and the lifespan of the products is extended. Additionally, the flexible and soft touch of our products enhances user comfort. This allows for comfortable use indoors and provides a pleasant experience outdoors.

Add Value to Your Life with Unique Designs Our custom-designed products add aesthetic value to your life. We offer various designs to suit every taste and style, bringing vibrancy to your living spaces. You can personalize your spaces with our products that reflect your own style, creating a unique atmosphere. Our products can be used in a wide range of applications, from interior design projects to garden landscaping.

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IQPARK Children's Playsets: A Safe and Fun Play Experience

The features of our custom-made products are as noteworthy as the benefits they provide. IQPARK Children's Playsets stand out with their unique designs and user-friendly features. Our products have successfully passed the 'EN 71-3 Safety of Toys' test, ensuring that children can have fun safely.

A Wide Range of Products for Any Space

Our custom-made products are suitable for use in various spaces, thanks to their wide range of products. You can find our products in different settings, from indoor to outdoor, public areas to private living spaces. With our aesthetic designs and durability, our products add a special touch to your spaces.

Conclusion: Quality and Aesthetics in Custom-Made Products Combined

Our custom-made products excel in terms of quality, aesthetics, and practicality. They make a difference with their easy-to-clean, hygienic, waterproof, sun-resistant, and flexible structure. By adding value to your life with their unique designs, you can personalize your living spaces. With IQPARK Children's Playsets, children can enjoy a safe and fun play experience, and you can use our custom-made products in any space thanks to our wide range of options.

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