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70MM x 1000PCS Soft Play Balls for Ball Pits - Pink/Transparent

70MM x 1000PCS Soft Play Balls for Ball Pits - Pink/Transparent

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🌟 1000 Vibrant Play Pool Balls! 🌟 

Perfect for your child's ball pit, playhouse, or kiddie pool. Dive into a world of fun with these 7cm diameter colourful balls.

Premium Quality: Unlike those cheap balls found in toy shops and supermarkets, these are industrial and commercial grade play balls.

Safety First: Made from non-PVC plastic. Free from Phthalate, BPA, & Lead. No carcinogenic substances — ensuring your child's health and safety.

Engaging & Educational: These balls help children learn to grip, throw, balance, recognize colours, and improve their agility. It's playtime with a learning twist!

🎨 Bright & Attractive Colours: Perfectly sized for a child's hand.

💡 Diverse Usage: Great for ball pits, playpens, tents, playhouses, kiddie pools, bounce houses, and even bathtubs!

🎁 Perfect for Occasions: Whether it's a birthday party or just a special playtime, these balls will be the star.

📦 Convenient Packaging: Comes in a 500pcs bag with product dimensions of W: 50cm, L: 50cm, H: 80cm.

🏅 Certified & Trusted: EN Certificated Products that promise quality and durability.

Grab yours now from our UK STOCK! Manufactured in Turkey and designed for children aged 12+ months. Dive into endless fun and ensure safety with our valveless design, light, flexible, and sturdy material.

Order now and let your kids splash in the ball bath without any risk of injury.


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