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Indoor Mini Trampoline - TRP-001

Indoor Mini Trampoline - TRP-001

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Dimensions: 2m*2m*2m Height

Our individual trampoline is completely our own production. The iron parts are produced from the strongest stainless material, the sponge parts are in density and feature in accordance with European export norms. There are no parts containing toxic dyes in the product. Dimensions can be adapted on request.

Uses: You can use it in common areas such as home, garden, kindergarten, cafe, restaurant, game centers or individually.

NOTE : Prints can be changed according to your request.

It has been subjected to a special paint process, making it suitable for outdoors and long-lasting.
Imported trampoline jumping net is used.
Specially produced springs are used for our trampolines.
CE sponge or foamex material is used for trampoline protection pads.
A specially manufactured tarpaulin covered with sponge has been applied on the poles.
Finger-proof safety nets suitable for indoor and outdoor use are used in protection nets.
Our trampolines: Individual trampolines, Junior trampolines, Olympic trampolines, Trampoline park types are available



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